How It Works

Once the Aqwifi determines that abnormal flows represent a leak, the leak indication is e-mailed or texted to onsite personnel on a daily or even hourly basis.  

A Unique and Patented Method of Leak Detection 

Aqwifi's sensor detects "normal" and "abnormal" water flows into the toilet's tank via the refill tube.  On installation, the toilet is flushed to let the sensor know what normal water flow "feels" like.  Any flow that deviates from the normal flow is detected as an abnormal refill, indicating a potential leak. 

Aqwifi detects leaks due to both Short and Long flush issues and signals them differently to help accurately diagnose the problem.

Short Flush Issues:

  • Faulty flapper
  • Flapper landing and sealing incorrectly
  • Tight flapper chain
  • Pitted flush-valve
  • Cracked overflow tube

Long Flush Issues:

  • Faulty fill-valve and fill-valve seal
  • Loose flapper chain getting stuck under the flapper
  • Sticking flush-arm
  • Flapper sticking open against overflow tube
  • Excess water pressure holding flapper open